About Me

Soul of a gypsy, practicality of a mom

I’m Laurie–mom, freelance writer and escape addict. Something it’s taken me 30+ years to figure out.

From a young age my mom would tell me that I needed to learn to “be content.” I crave change–need it. Maybe it is the result of moving every few years growing up (I attended 7 different schools from K-12). Maybe I was just born to run. When I was younger, books were my escape to new places, cultures and people. If I wasn’t reading, I was rearranging my room–always wanting to create a space that felt new and different. 

It wasn’t until a college summer study abroad program in Florence, Italy, that I realized just how much world was out there waiting to be explored. Since that time, I’ve traveled to 11 countries, 7 Caribbean islands and dozens of states. Whether it was a three-week adventure through Europe or a quick overnight getaway, each journey has made a unique impact on my view of the world. And perhaps more importantly, I’ve realized that the reason I love to travel is not because I want to escape life, but because I don’t want life to escape me.

I am determined to pass my love of exploration along to my 10-year-old twins, and am lucky to have a fellow adventurer by my side in my husband to do it with me. I hope you’ll hop on board and be inspired to do some ExpLAURing of your own!

“There comes a point in your life where you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.” – Albert Einstein