10 Travel Gear Must Haves

Sorting through all the travel gear hype can be a daunting task. So I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 tried and true travel gear must haves. Each one meets my three criteria of convenience, durability and practicality.

eBags packing cubes: Bags to put into your bag? I was a total skeptic. But ebags will transform your travel experience. In addition to keeping your suitcase organized–socks in one, t-shirts in another–ebags make unpacking when you get to your destination a breeze. No more being skeeved out by hotel drawers that have seen thousands of people’s clothes–just drop your neatly organized (and washable) bag into the drawer. For trips with multiple stops–forget digging 10 shirts deep to find the one you want and then having to refold and repack everything. They come in a variety of colors so each family member can have their own.

Love Quotes Scarf: Whether you are on a plane, train, museum or restaurant, this scarf is the perfect accessory to have on hand to fight off a chill. Worn as a scarf or used as a lightweight blanket, Love Quotes scarves are soft, lightweight and easy to pack.

BaBylissPRO travel hairdryer: Nothing is worse than going to a hotel, plugging in the hairdryer and having it feel like your 3-year-old is blowing on your hair. The BaByliss PRO packs all the power of a regular hairdryer, in a hairdryer the size of a mango.

USB wall charger and converter: Cut down on the number of chargers you bring and outlets you need, by charging up to four electronics at the same time. BONUS: it comes with international converter plugs so you can take it with you no matter where you travel in the world (or just use it at home!)

Packable, waterproof extra bag: It’s a universal law that what fits in your bag on the way there somehow no longer fits on the way back. That’s why I always bring along this extra, waterproof travel bag. It folds down into practically nothing and can fit all those extras that just seem to “appear.”

Nomader collapsable water bottle: I go into panic mode if I don’t have water with me at all times. This collapsable water bottle is easy to pack and lets you fill up on the go!

Bucky eye mask: Most eye masks lie flat against your eyes, letting light in on the sides and plastering your eyelashes to your face. This eye mask’s curved design to not only blocks out ambient light, but it feels like it is floating over your eyes. There’s a reason it was rated #1 by Good Housekeeping.

Baggallini: As an admitted purse addict, I get the importance of a good bag. When you’re traveling, convenience and durability are paramount–but style is important too. The Baggallini Horizon Crossbody is extremely comfortable to wear, has an abundance of pockets to secure belongings and comes in more than a dozen colors and styles.

Travel Journal: Every journey is its own story. Check out my recent blog post on why I Was Here is my favorite travel journal.

Travel pillow: I love having a neck pillow when I travel, but I don’t love carrying one. This inflatable pillow gives you all the comfort without all the bulk. Hand pumps allow you to inflate and deflate in under 10 seconds, and the storage bag keeps it from touching dirty airport surfaces.

Now you are ready to go ExpLAURing!

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