An Adventure Lover’s Annual Bucket List

Every summer my kids and I create a summer bucket list—swim in the ocean, go paddle boarding, make our own ice cream. Just typing the ideas brings me so much joy. But why should adventures—be limited to summer??  Here’s an annual adventure bucket list guide to keep you exploring all year long:

  1. Go someplace new. At least once each year go somewhere you’ve never been. It doesn’t have to be far or even cost money. Our spectacular country is teeming with breathtaking National Parks—more than 400 to be exact. And this year, to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100-year anniversary, they are offering FREE pass days (click here for details). Bonus points: Go someplace new EACH SEASON!
  2. Keep your tradition.  Do you spend every 4th of July on the lake? Take a ski trip to the same mountain every New Year’s Eve? Like that old saying—make new friends but keep the old. Tried and true favorites have a special place in your heart for a reason, so don’t be afraid to keep it status quo.
  3. Take a spontaneous trip. No reservations, no research, just pick a free day or weekend and go! It almost doesn’t matter where you end up, the fact that you went on a whim is an adventure in and of itself.
  4. Try one new food. You don’t even have to leave your hometown to check this one off the list. If you can’t make it to Austria for some wiener schnitzel, find a recipe and roll up your sleeves! You can have a food-venture in your very own kitchen. Want to make it a multi-cultural event? Invite the neighbors for a food extravaganza!
  5. Squash one fear. Sure you can go extreme on this one and bungee jump off Royal Gorge Bridge in CO, or you could simply pitch a tent and go camping in your backyard (even if there are bears). Just break out of your comfort zone and discover all the things you’re capable of accomplishing.
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