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ExpLAURing with Kids: Gelato Flavor Favs

ExpLAURing with Maddie:

Have you ever been to Italy? We have! Do you know the best part? Gelato! Gelato is a creamier version of ice cream and it is delicious!

Here are our top three gelato flavor favs:

  1. Stracchiatella: This is vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. It is very creamy and the chocolate chips add a kick of flavor.
  2. Limone: Limone means lemon in Italian. It’s like a creamy lemon sorbet. The lemon flavor isn’t too sweet or too sour and when you eat it, it makes the day brighter!
  3. Chocolate Hazelnut: Have you ever had Nutella? Well, this is like a Nutella flavored ice cream. Get a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of hazelnut and combine a little bit of each on your spoon. You won’t believe how amazing it is!

So if you are headed to Italy, make sure to convince your parents to stop for gelato. Every day if you can!

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