Let’s Get This Show on the Road…

Over the past few years I’ve had more and more people commenting on my travel habits. “Where are you off to next?” “I love following your travels!” “Every time I turn around you’re someplace new!” It’s often the first thing out of someone’s mouth, even if I haven’t seen them in a year.

At first, I started to get a little self-conscious—should I feel guilty that I’m away a lot? Should I scale back on my social media posts so people don’t think I’m perpetually on vacation? Am I being irresponsible?

My final conclusion: NOPE. Not only am I going to continue my travels, I’m going to combine them with my passion for writing and create a travel blog. Hours of (painfully) forcing my non-techie self to learn how to create a website later, was born!

Do you want to know the easiest way to plan a trip to Lake Como? Hidden gems along the South Carolina coast? What about travel gear must-haves? From small, inexpensive day trips to dream vacations, I plan to touch on topics for every adventurer. And that includes KIDS!

Near and dear to my heart is instilling the love of travel in my children (see my recent article: Make Wanderlust a Wandermust: Raising Kids Who Love to Travel). With the help of some kid writers, including my very own cuties, GoExpLAURing with Kids will feature kid-approved travel insights, reviews and favorites.

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